Quick & Easy #Eczema Friendly Snacks

Hi all,

After seven years of needing quick and easy #eczema friendly snacks for car journeys, break time at school or just a biscuit at 3pm I have built up a list of dairy free or almost dairy free snacks. I hope you find the ideas both yummy and useful.

1. Crisps – hmmn many of us like crisps and would like the odd pack per week. I have found Red Sky Crisps or Kettle Crisps, the sea salt and balsamic vinegar or lightly salted are delicious which according to Kettle Chips are ‘with absolutely nothing artificial’ and no dairy. Avoid the cheese variants. The pack of 5x30g bags are especially useful for car journeys or picnics out. Big Fred can eat a few Pringles too however not too many due to the ingredients.

2. Biscuits, nothing like a cup of tea and a biscuit or a biscuit at school pick up. Big Fred loves the following:

a. Good old Retro Jammy Dodgers (says may contain milk only)

b. Bourbon biscuits (some have a tiny amount of milk but most supermarket own brands don’t).

c. Cookies – Do check the packaging though as some have a little bit of milk. I usually find Big Fred can eat a couple of the packet cookies without a reaction – but please check as everyone is different.

d. Iced ring biscuits – great if you have a pre-school child and need something for a party.

3. Homemade or fresh snacks – lovely to make with the children:

a. delicious homemade jam tarts – make with dairy free jus roll puff pastry and jam – see twitter for pictures

b. apple crumble with soya custard – yummy – you can even cheat and buy a bag with pre-paid crumble and place over the top of chopped up apples, sugar and a little water then place in the oven – so quick! Change to different fruit if preferred.

c. for a light and fresh nibble, try chopped carrots/cucumber and homous (we like the red pepper variant)

d. homemade dairy free shortbread biscuits are simply divine with a few fresh strawberries. Use stork instead of butter.

e. fresh fruit – Big Fred adores apples, especially pink ladies or gala. Great for the lunchbox or to take away for a holiday and to fulfil your five-a-day. my daughter loves blueberries and I love grapes. Obviously don’t eat too many!

f. Fred has an allergic reaction to ice-cream so instead we have tried refreshing sorbets and ice-lollies instead. Great to cool down with on a summer’s day. I keep a stock in my freezer so I can always provide something for Big Fred.

g. Chicken satay sticks are delicious and the ones from Sainsbury’s are dairy and egg free. As long as you don’t open the seal and keep in the fridge then they can be kept for a couple of weeks, usually…avoid satay if you have a nut allergy. Fred doesn’t.

h. Waitrose do a fabulous selection of dairy free meatballs which can be eaten out of the packet or warmed in the microwave for one minute. Delicious when you just need that extra bit of protein.

I. Granny’s homemade & super yummy chocolate krispy or cornflake cakes are great when made with stork, cocoa powder and syrup. Big Fred always looks forward to these when we meet for up for big family picnics and lunches.

4. Breadsticks – as long as you don’t select the cheese variant – these are a great snack to keep off the hunger and as long as you keep them in their wrapping they can stay in the cupboard for a while as an emergency!

5.It’s sweetie sweet time. And yes too many sweets are not good for you as too much sugar can make you feel hot and therefore more likely to want to itch and generally speaking can make you put on weight. And many have a ton of unwanted preservatives and E numbers so do check the ingredients as there are some options available…However if you are having one of those days when you need a sweet, then look for jelly beans, wine gums, cola bottles, jelly babies or jellied sweets. I used to give Freddie jelly snakes which don’t have any preservatives – I have seen these in Tesco and Sainsbury’s but I am sure they are elsewhere too. Now he is that little bit older he thinks they are babyish so he prefers the traditional boiled ‘rhubarb and custard’ sweets which can be located in Marks and Spencers, many supermarkets and lots of traditional sweet shops.

Hope this helps to give quick access to everyday, dairy free snacks. Any other dairy free snacks you know about then please let me know.

take care and best wishes as ever


Catherine SG Escott

Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/EczemaAllergies

As always all of us are different and whilst the above works for Big Fred, it may need to be adjusted for you so please check the packaging or with your GP if necessary.

copyright of Catherine SG Escott


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